Social Media is the new black, pretty much everybody and every business uses at least one social media platform, or should be using one! There have been plenty of businesses that have become hugely successful of social media marketing alone, so it’s not a surprise that many people; including you, yes you and businesses want the same success. Social media is the most accessible, affordable and convenient form of marketing. But so many people and businesses, think they can jump on {insert the social media of your choice}, and spam the hell out of existing and potential customers. Aggressively promoting your product or service, will not increase brand loyalty or following, it will in fact do the opposite. Below are my three essential basic steps to getting the best results from Social Media Marketing, and the tools that will help you achieve your targets.

  1. Know Your Audience – First you need to know what your audience likes and what they care about, then add value by creating or sharing content geared towards that. You need to understand your strategy, for example I find with Magnet Look, people care more about inspiration and discovering new influencers and brands, so I gear content towards what people want, rather than what I want to share.
  2. Don’t Be A Jack Of All Trades– Instead of trying to be active on all social networks, focus on where most of your audience will be for your industry, service or product. E.g if you are selling clothes, then you should focus on a visual social network like Instagram, if you are attracting teens then maybe Snapchat would work best. To find out which social network to focus on, start of with all social networks and see which ones are giving you the best responses and focus on those ones.
  3. Engage, Engage, Engage – Social Networks are a community, its not just about posting about your brand but engaging with people. If you are on twitter for example that means joining your audiences conversations, favouriting and retweeting their tweets when they are relevant.

Social Media Marketing Tools

Now on to the goodies, my favourite tools are:


Tweetdeck is a better version of Twitter, at least from a business point of view. It is essentially a viewer for Twitter, you can have several columns of different functionalities of twitter on one page, such as home feed, messages and a saved search query. Best of all it is absolutely FREE. There’s more, not only can you schedule your tweets, but you can add team members, and I believe you can add an unlimited amount of team members. So if you don’t want to be on twitter 24/7, and would rather not loose sleep over Twitter, add Tweetdeck to your Social Media Marketing toolbox.



Viraltag started out as a Pinterest scheduling tool, and hands down it is the best Pinterest scheduling tool you will come across. It now is a ultimate social media marketing platform, allowing you to schedule to not only Pinterest, but Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and wait for it…. wait for it….Instagram. I have to say it’s the ultimate social media marketing platform, I prefer Viraltag due to its visual focus, which works well for me as the companies I work with tend to be more on the visual side. Previously I was using Take-Off to schedule Instagram posts, and Buffer for the remaining social media platforms, which was not convenient and took up a lot of time scheduling to two different platforms. What makes Viraltag stand out from other social media scheduling platforms, is the content library, which gives you the ability to source visual content from their suggested feed, Instagram, GoogleDrive & many other services. Packages start from $29 a month for a Pro account, They offer a 14 day Free trial, so it’s well worth checking out.



Ok not really a tool, but if your marketing to anyone below 30, they will definitely appreciate a good GIF. Giphy is like “Google for GIF’s” you can search the website for over thousands of hilarious GIFS. Need to celebrate the #worldcatday on Twitter? Don’t despair, there’s plenty of funny and creepy cat GIFS to suit your marketing strategy.


You should keep coming back for more marketing tips, tricks and tools. Let me know what you thought of my first #marketing blog post.